Your Town/City


When you first arrive in your new town, everything is very overwhelming….. You have no idea where you are.

Apart from knowing the name of your new town you know nothing. Your first couple of days will be a blur of venues, new faces, introductions and advice…a lot to take in, and very daunting to begin with, but it does get easier.

First things first…Your co-teacher will take you to your apartment (Hopefully a nice size and clean/well presented-but this does vary and cannot be guaranteed) and then to your new school to be introduced to the Headmaster and the Head Teacher.

You are given some money (around $300.00 US) to help purchase essential items such as bedding, eating utensils, bus (transport tag) and food as these are not supplied in your apartment when you first arrive. Your co-teacher should help you with this, but again-not guaranteed.

img_3009Knowing where your apartment is, and where your new school is in relation to your apartment and most importantly….how to get to your school from your apartment using the bus system (if required) will need to be your no 1 priority.

Secondly, you will need to open a bank account, purchase a mobile phone on contract and set up internet in your apartment, but this we will discuss later.

Once these initial first days are over and you get settled in your apartment and begin a daily routine, you will start to feel more relaxed and you can begin to explore your new surroundings and feel apart of the new community you find yourself in.