Vacation time (Travels)

As mentioned on the home page, working in a foreign country is only one dimension of the all round experience you as an Edutraveller should enjoy. The other dimension is travel.

If you work in Korea, you will be able to travel at least twice a year, possibly more, especially if you factor in festival periods and long weekends. Your main vacation periods will be in August and then in January/February.

Vacation lengths and dates may vary from school to school, so if you are travelling as a couple or are married, you will need to ensure that your schools are happy to accommodate you in terms of agreeing to similar dates BEFORE you book that dream vacation. Not only this but our advice is to get those vacation dates in writing too.

This may sound obvious to some, but we have heard many stories where holidays were booked and then had to be sadly cancelled due to schools not being willing to let the teachers go on the dates that the flights were booked. So save yourself unnecessary issues and be upfront and discuss your plans with your school/co-teacher.