Your first day on the job

If you are not a teacher by profession, your first day on the job can be very daunting. To stand in front of a class full of students, who stare back at you with eyes full of expectation, can be to some of us the stuff of nightmares.

However, all is not lost or as bad as it seems. Firstly, you will be accompanied by a Korean Co -teacher who will co-teach with you during the lesson. His /Her role is to assist with translation and discipline, while your role is to ensure that your lessons are prepared and you teach effectively.

The syllabus you will be required to teach, differs from school to school. Some schools require you to teach from a textbook, while other schools desire you to create your own lessons from scratch.  The latter gives you the freedom to teach what you want.

The students you will encounter are just like their Western counterparts in terms of behaviour, so don’t be fooled in assuming that Asian students all work hard and are respectful. This is simply not the case.

It is also very important to create expectations, boundaries and rules from the outset, as you will really struggle with discipline and classroom management later on.