Job Application


When applying for a job in Korea, depending on where in the country you would like or prefer to work, there are various English programme organisations that you can apply with to assist you in seeking your ideal placement.

The main organisation is called ‘English programme in Korea‘ or  ‘EPIK’. EPIK is generally the most popular, as they can place you in most provinces around the country.

There are other more localized provincial organisations which you will come across, namely ‘SEPIC’ or ‘Secondary English Programme in Chungnam‘; ‘GEPIK’ or Gyeonggi English Program in Korea,  and ‘SMOE’ or Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, to name a few.

Our experience was an interesting one, in that we had an interview through EPIK,  were both accepted on the basis of the interview and our qualifications. We quit our jobs, rented our house and were weeks away from leaving, when out of the blue, we were told that Epik had decided to cancel the contracts with no reason(s) given, which we found unacceptable.

As I am sure you can imagine, this put us in a rather difficult situation. Thankfully, our recruiter had a good relationship with ‘SEPIC’ and before long (which included new applications and another interview), our applications were accepted and we were soon heading to Chungnam Province.

Our experience with Chungnam was a very happy and positive one. As it was a smaller organisation, you were not just a number, but a face which we found very comforting and helpful during the 4 years we were employed with them.

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