Wheels up…….


Once you have been notified of your successful application, your contract is sent to you via courier from Korea.

It will probably be in triplicate, as one copy is sent to the school you will teach, the other will be sent to the Korean Education Department and the final copy will be retained by your good self. Once all copies are signed, and delivered, things move swiftly and efficiently (as do most things in Asia).

In our case, we had a general idea of when we were going to fly to South Korea, but as of a few weeks before that date we still had not signed any contracts.

After an agonizing and rather stressful wait, we signed our contract 2 weeks before we were meant to leave. During that time, we purchased plane tickets, organised our Visas, packed up our lives and said final farewells. Needless to say those two weeks flew by rather quickly.

We headed to the airport and were soon making the approximately 24 hour trip to South Korea via Singapore…excited beyond words.