Wheels down…Reality hits


Your arrival at Incheon International Airport in Seoul will be a blur…new country, new customs, new currency and a foreign language to get your head around will cascade down upon you from all sides.

Depending what time of year you arrive, will depend on who meets you at the airport. There are generally two main intakes of teachers each year – February and August.

If you arrive during these main intakes, you will (should) be met by a representative from the recruitment company you choose (but check this first before you land).  However, if you arrive between these dates, you may well have to find your town on your own which could prove a challenge, especially after a long haul flight.

During the Feb and Aug intakes, you will attend a two week orientation immediately. This takes place at a prearranged venue in your province where you will be teaching.

During the orientation, you will partake in an intensive course covering teaching methodology, Korean customs and basic Korean language skills. Eight hours a day for 14 days.

During this 2 week period, you will also be told which school(s) you will be teaching at and which town will be your home for the next year (or longer if you decide to renew your contract).