The Open Class

Occasionally, you as the ESL teacher will be required to attend or host an open class. It is pretty much as it sounds- You attend a fellow foreign teacher’s class and get to critique his or her lesson.

If you attend such a lesson, you get to learn a lot not only by asking questions but also by measuring their teaching style and techniques against your own. As teachers, we, like our students are always learning and improving ourselves and this platform is a good way to do just that. Generally, you will be required to attend an open class on an annual basis, as this is seen as an essential activity that is imperative to your professional development.

If you are hosting an open class, then you will be the teacher having your lesson plans and style of teaching put under the microscope. It is meant to be a non-threatening environment, but understandably could cause much apprehension to the teacher on display. You can volunteer to do this, but you could also be chosen to do this, and often have no say in the matter.

I was chosen. Once you have been selected, you will have to submit a lesson plan document to the Education Office for perusal before-hand as well as preparing booklets of the lesson plan to be given to the visiting ESL teachers upon arrival.

I ended up teaching in front of around twenty ESL teachers plus the head of my town’s Education Office and the Province’s Education Office. In other words rather high profile and nerve-wracking, but an honour nevertheless.

If you are chosen, just prepare well and be open to criticism as we are all there to learn. Good Luck!

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