The Baekje Festival

The Baekje Festival is probably the largest and most important annual event to occur in both the towns of Buyeo and Gongju simultaneously. The festival is held in October of every year and lasts 9 days.

“A world-class historical and cultural event.”

The opening and closing ceremonies are not to be missed with the traditional firework display in conjunction with volunteers and  students dressing up in traditional clothes and processing down main street culminating at the Gudeurae Plaza (구드래광장) situated along the banks of the river Geum.

The procession is very popular as the entire main road in Buyeo in closed off and hundreds of locals and foreigners alike line the street in anticipation of the costumed spectacle.

Music blares from speakers as horses accompanied by volunteers walk down the street wearing traditional period clothing with flags waving eagerly back at the spectators.

There is an array of activities and displays for the entire family which include dance, music, art, drama, cooking, and food to suit every palate. It is  week in the Korean Festival calendar where the locals celebrate their cultural heritage in style. Its well worth the visit.


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