The Mud Festival

The annual Mud Festival occurs on the west coast of Korea about a 40 minute bus trip from Buyeo, in a town called Boryeong (보령).

Upon arriving in the Boryeong bus terminal, you will need to board a second bus that will take you directly to the beach and the festival location.

It is most probably the one festival in Korea that attracts the most international visitors.  So communication in English will not be a problem.

Boryeong is a coastal town, so all the festivities occur meters from the beach, which is useful, especially when you need to wash all the mud from your body. For most people the mud covering you will end up becoming a head to toe affair.

The activities that you can expect to participate in include mud wrestling, mud sliding, mud massage, obstacle courses and much more.

The mud is known in Korea to have beneficial properties for the skin, and is available to purchase in mud soap bars at the Mud Institute in Boryeong located not far from all the festivities.

During the year, you can also visit the Institute for a mud bath if you wish, so if you are unable to make the festival, the mud is available all year round to enjoy.

So if you feel like letting your hair down and getting muddy, then we highly recommend attending this festival.

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