Exploring your new home-Where to shop and eat.

Once your initial few weeks have passed and you are feeling a little more settled and gained your bearings, now would be a good time to start exploring your town.

If you find yourself situated in a city, life will be easier in terms of finding a good variety of restaurants and  shopping chains that stock westernized food items (i.e Costco and  E -Mart ). If (like us) you are placed in a small town, life will be a little different.

The most common name you will come across is NongHyup which is the name of a Co -op. In small towns, this is the best place to buy food. However, the selection of food items is certainly more Korean than Western and may be somewhat expensive.

The other shopping venue, popular with the locals is the town market. You can buy most things here at  affordable prices.



Once a month or fortnightly A farmers market may occur, depending on your town, which springs up at a selected venue with quality fresh produce too.

You need to bear in mind that when shopping especially in the small town setting, English is not widely used. The sooner you get to grips with the basics of the language, the easier your life will be. However, when in doubt body language does go a long way in breaking the communication barrier.

Nowadays, more Westernized restaurant chains are readily available, even in small towns. When we arrived in Buyeo, there were very few, if any. When we left four years later, Mr Pizza, Dunkin Donuts and a massive shopping centre had been built.

If you feel like trying Korean fare, then you will certainly be spoilt for choice. If you have never tried Korean food before, I recommend you do, as you will not be disappointed.

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