Pay scale and Benefits.


As a Native English Teacher (NET) in Korea, you will generally be employed on one of three pay scales, depending on your qualifications and or teaching experience.

Level 3: This level, will be for NET’S that possess a degree. You will be paid in the region of KRW 2.1-2.2 million.

Level 2: This level will be for NET’S who posses a degree and an ESL qualification. You will be paid in the region of KRW 2.3 -2.4 million.

Level 1: This is your top level, which NET’S with a profession in teaching or those with previous years of experience will be eligible for around KRW 2.5-2.7 million won.

Your salary should increase upon renewal.

Please note these pay scales are very general and will vary depending on where you teach.


NET’S enjoy good benefits while teaching in Korea. If you teach in a rural area you will be paid in the region of KRW 100,000 extra.

If you teach in two – three schools, you will receive between KRW 100,000-150,000 extra respectively.

Your flights to Korea will be fully refunded and upon renewal, you will receive a KRW 2 million won bonus.

For South Africans, your salary is tax free for 2 years due (you must sort this out with your school)

You will also receive a KRW 300,000 won resettlement allowance (as mentioned in previous posts)

If you are a married, you will be allowed to live together in the same apartment. The school’s apartment you are not using should pay you that allowance, which is normally in the region of around KRW 400,000 won per month.

As Korea is a fast moving dynamic place to live, much of this may have changed. Be sure to check your contract carefully before signing.

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