What do I pack?

What do I pack? The most important question you can ask yourself, and probably the most daunting, especially if you are heading to a foreign country.

In general, pack clothing to suit very cold and very humid climates.  You may want to pack sheets and pillow slips (bedding) to start you off, but these are easily available to buy in every city and town. If you are lucky, pots and pans etc will be in your apartment when you arrive, so you don’t need to pack these. If they are not, you are given around $300,00 US to purchase such items. You will need to buy pillows and a duvet, as these are not supplied.

Pack your usual toiletries, but again are easily replenished in Korea. Deodorant is very expensive though, so bring as many bottles as you can.

If you feel that you don’t want to leave anything to chance, you can use a company called the arrival store who will organize bedding, cellphone and household essentials to be delivered to your apartment or school upon your arrival.

In our experience, we packed what we thought we would need, used vacuum bags to fit as much in as we could and bought the rest in Korea as and when we needed it.

We had a plan to get items that we could not fit into our suit cases sent over by courier, but in the end, upon investigation it is cheaper to buy than get boxes of stuff sent over, if you can’t manage to fit it all in your suitcase.


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