The Interview process

kflagIt’s a bit of a waiting game from the time you submit all the relevant documentation until you are notified that you have been selected for an interview.

To be well prepared for the interview, it is advised that you learn the basic Korean greeting 안녕하세요 (Anyeonghaseyo) “hello” and 감사합니다 (Gamsamhapnida) “thank you”.

Having a good basic general knowledge of the country (i.e. National flag meaning, basic history, seasons, famous Korean personalities etc) before the interview is crucial as it goes a long way to impress the interviewer.

As Korea is 7 hours ahead of South Africa, interview times can be interesting…usually very early in the morning via Skype or telephonically.

Once the interview is completed, you will need to wait a few days/weeks before you know if you are successful or not.

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