The Edutraveller

“교육의 목적은 텅빈 마음을 열린마음으로 대치시키는 것이다.”

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open mind.” – Malcolm Forbes

14712883_1093083557476667_2951566122132269965_oThese days, if you are the proud owner of an Education degree or ESL Diploma and are an intrepid traveller or someone with a sense of adventure, then the world can literally be your oyster.

Teaching opportunities are available in Asia, Europe and the Middle East in countries like South Korea, Turkey and Dubai, to name a few. Working in these countries will allow you the luxury of travelling locally and internationally, with travel options that suit every budget.

So, join us as we share our experiences of living, teaching and travelling abroad, while living the dream of combining education and travel, to become THE EDUTRAVELLER you aspire to be.